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Mobilt udstyr

Versacutter Mobilt vandstråleskæring

versacutter 1Jet Edge Versacutter er et hydraulisk styret mobil vandstråle system. Skærer flade, lige eller buede overflader.
Skærer med en 60.000 psi (4.100 bar) slibende vandstråle.

Versacutter er ideel til at skære rørledninger, stål armeret beton, reaktor fartøjer og metal strukturer., skærer uden flammer og genererer ikke varme.

Der er tre hoved områder inden for mobilt vandstråle udstyr

  • Mobile højtrykspumper
  • VersaCutter
  • Hydro Cleaning

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Skæring i beton

The Jet Edge Versacutter is a motion controlled, portable abrasivejet cutting and beveling system. The system is used in a variety of cutting applications including pipelines, steel reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and fabricated metal structures. The Versacutter cuts without flames and does not generate heat. This makes it possible for operators to cut in areas where flames are restricted, and eliminates heat-affected zones.The Versacutter is powered by a Jet Edge Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) intensifier pump that supplies 55,000 psi (3,800 bar) water to the cutting devices as it travels along the track. The cutting device can be configured on a flexible track for contured surface cutting or on a frame-mounted, rigid track for linear cutting.

Skæring i stål

Jet Edge mobile Versacutter vandstråleskæring system, skærer her i 50mm stålplader.
Skærer 25mm pr minut ved 60.000 psi.


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