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Skærehoveder til vandskæring

Skærehovedet er basis og grundlaget for at man kan skære med vand

Et skærehoved er.........

Skærehovedet er normalt ikke afhængig af maskinfabrikat, men de enkelte hoveder kan tilpasses de fleste maskintyper på markedet.

De viste skærehoveder er kun et lille udsnit af de mulighder der findes. Kontkat QteC for nærmere drøftelse om dit specielle behov.


Jet Edge Omnijet III Waterjet skærehoved

Omnijet lll cuttingheadThe OmniJet Waterjet Cutting Head creates a coherent waterjet cutting stream and provides responsive on/off control for the UHP water.

Its lightweight and compact size offers versatility in multi-directional water jet cutting applications with all motion control systems.

Cutting performance, size, component service life and ease of maintenance make this the superior cutting tool for all waterjet cutting applications.



Jet Edge Permalign ll Cutting Head

Permalign II cuttingheadThe Permalign II-B Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head combined with the OmniJetWaterjet Cutting Head achieves ultimate performance and reliability for abrasivejet cutting. This patented design reduces the number of components, thereby minimizing overall maintenance and operational costs.

The Permalign entrains dry abrasive into the high velocity waterjet stream within the mixing chamber.

The resulting mixture exits through the nozzle as a high velocity, coherent abrasivejet stream capable of water jet cutting any material.



Jet Edge Robotic Swivel

Robotic-waterjet-swivelJet Edge's Robotic Swivel directs ultra-high pressure (UHP) water for coating removal, cleaning, and deburring.

The Robotic Swivel is designed for use with Motion Controlled and Robotic cleaning systems. Typical applications include preparation for recoating or repainting, stripping corrosion, coating overspray, paint scale, rust, parts cleaning, part carrier cleaning, mold release residue, and many more.


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